Weddings & Birthdays

Weddings and Birthdays are our favourate types of events as they are very special days for the celebrants. There is nothing better than watching a pretty bride, gushing groom and proud parents enjoy their day and be part of the planning and execution. We pride ourselves in understanding our clients requirements, suggesting the best type of drinks and service formats.


Post Internment Receptions

Planning for drinks and catering for a post internment receptions can be rather trying as it involves managing personal, immediate and extended family emotions. Friends and family donate drinks which makes it difficult to decide quantities needed for the reception. Here's where we come in. We will relieve the stress and advise you yours on the quantities and types of drinks needed for your event.

Corporate Events

We specialse in providing services for Corporate Events. Whether it is a post AGM Cocktail or Dinner to Corporate promotions and PR Events. Our specialised Bar Counters offer branding opportunities and our well trained staff provide high quality service. Our exotic Appetizers & Cocktail Canapes offer a one stop Food & Beverage service means you only need one vendor thus reducing maanagement of an event.


Cash Bar & Food Services 

We are the only Mobile Bar and Catering Services company that currently has the capability to offer Cash Bar Servives and can do the same for food. Music events and events organised by institutions, alumni associations and NGO's with limited budgets have found this service particularly useful.